ECM HARDWARE REPARING TRAINING start from Zero level to professional level get your customer vehicle back on the road professional electronics training.

When the ECU is defective, the engine stop running normally and starts having issues with starting stalling and shifting although ECU problems come in many forms:




    • How to generat remote and how to copy remote and transponder 
    • How to program Centerlooking programming 
    • Key programming
    • How to Operate kage and kess v2 
    • How to use garuda2 for mahindra spacial tool 
    • All lost key and Key Clone and key matching all asian car
    • step by step learn how to find faults easy testing tricks and secrets to test ECU
    • Easy steps to find faulty component test all parts in ECU
    • Finding faulty components in ECU is an ART
    • Repair it now like professionals
    • Recommended soldering and disordering
    • Identify electronic components in ECU and Learn how to test
    • How to test electronic components in ECU
    • understand ECU SMD components and test
    • How to check power circuit and learn how to find shorted chip easy steps
    • IC/ CHIPS testing techniques
    • Tools and testers used to repair ECU hardware and how to use
    • ECU feul/Oil/ABS failure
    • CAN communication problems and Faults
    • ECU Common Faults and problem in IC and functions
    • Key programming
    • How to ECM Remaping and read and write data
    • Wiring Harness trick
    • Airbag reset trick
    • Best tools used to troubleshot and repair ECU
    • How to flash ECM and how to write new hex file in ecm and many more 

Fixed Price MOT Test includes a Comprehensive Safety Check